The Story

TwelvePoint represents the passion we have for movies, books, comics, theater and TV series. We wanted to build something that would boost the creativity process and support those who aspire to become writers (professional or not).

We wanted to create something new, closer to the modern user interfaces, a compendium of best practices used to support creativity. A software that would stay reliable and powerful on any device you would carry with you.

Screenplays are the skeleton of what we see on TV, at the cinema or on the stage. Writing a script requires several rules to be met, and it is frustrating having a script rejected just because some spacing on a page is not right. Sometimes formatting and the time spent on reviewing/fixing a script are the real barrier to success.

To build a great story there are many things to be considered, such as the storylines, the character arcs, notes on the developments... all these details and more need to be easily accessible and should not interfere with the creative process.

TwelvePoint is tuned to require minimum effort. The interface is minimalist, designed to adapt to your writing environment.

You write the story, arrange the paragraphs the software does the rest.

We hope you will like it and have fun with this new tool as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Please do not forget that your feedback is important to ensure TwelvePoint delivers on its promises and stays up-to-date with the market requirements. Any proposal for new functionalities is very welcome, it will be evaluated and, if feasible introduced in the production line.