Paper Consumption

Reduce the paper consumption at the office using your iPad or iPhone as substitutes. Share via email or on monitors what you usually you would print and after a while put it in the trash bin.

We develop new apps having in mind how to drastically reduce the waste of paper. Apps like DraftPlus specifically target unnecessary printing providing instead with an effective electronic counterpart.

Best Practice Sharing

A community that benefits from common shared knowledge. Our apps are the sum of the best practice sharing among professionals and customers, we develop new releases with the firm goal of keeping the app simple and integrating new use cases. We always welcome constructive feedbacks, and we encourage our customers to keep talking with us to produce better software.

Low Cost & Valuable

Affordable software delivering values and know-how to the community. We want to bring great value added with our apps, but this needs to be accessible to everyone and therefore affordable. All ours Apps & Bundles have competitive prices, and we aim in the future to reduce even further the end-user cost, so that a larger community will bring a greater value.