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4 ways TwelvePoint is revolutionizing scriptwriting

Have you ever desired to become a screenwriter but stopped?
Maybe because of too many formatting rules, different page layouts...
Possibly because your first script was not even read due to wrong pagination...

TwelvePoint has been developed to make writing easy and more fun! Screenwriting becomes accessible to everyone (regardless of writing experience) and publishing a screenplay is as easy as saving a note on your computer or on your smartphone. A minimalist interface increases your focus on the story, while delivery high-quality support for editing and publishing.
Let's see why we believe TwelvePoint is the next generation tool for writers and how it changed the way many people are writing stories for the screen across the world...

  • Editing is that easy!
  • Content focused
  • Multidimensional writing
  • Multi-language support

Editing is that easy!

When you write using TwelvePoint, you do not need to know screenwriting formatting rules, or complex paragraph indentations. Type like you are writing a note, and the app will convert the content into the correct format. Writing a scenario or a book is that easy! Type in the first paragraph and continue writing, one paragraph after another. Actions, dialogues, scene headings, and the other components of a scenario will be correctly formatted when published. If you wish to send a screenplay to different studios across the world (US, China, Europe, etc.), you do not need to rewrite your script to adapt the scene headings, the page margins, or other annoying details. Select the target publishing format, the scenario will publish according to the new rules.

Content focused

Say goodbye to all the toolbars stacked with buttons and menus. The TwelvePoint's interface is reduced to the minimum to give you space to think, design, write content and analyze. You can directly type the content, navigate through the elements like a file explorer and publish with just a click. TwelvePoint is more than just a word processor. It's a content management app that supports your writing from the first idea to the final version. A TwelvePoint project (.12pt) contains paragraphs, images, tags, reading notes, and much more. Any detail is accessible at the right moment and can be shared securely with others. You decide which information to show and how. Data remains accessible at your fingertips.

Multidimensional writing

Multidimensional writing is one of the most powerful features of the TwelvePoint interface. All the content you add in a TwelvePoint project (.12pt) is organized in a database for multidimensional analysis. This means that you can inspect the scenario from different points of view, filter it, and manipulate it, just with a few parameters. For example, you can navigate the script the usual way, scene after scene, or, if you tagged the components of the scenario, focus on specific sections and develop further only those. Another possibility is to filter all the paragraphs in which a specific personage is speaking or appears. Multidimensional writing gives you the freedom to look at your story in 360 degrees, reducing dramatically: plot holes, mistakes, typos, and repetitive tasks.

Multi-language support

Screenwriting is the way we bring our stories to the screen, but not everywhere follows the same rules. The US standard (The Hollywood Standard) is the most common in the western world, but it is not the only one. Sometimes the differences are little (some studios in Europe use different formatting), other times the way the content is presented varies significantly (e.g. Korean style, right-to-reft script such as Arabic). TwelvePoint supports all this and even more. You write the script once, then choose one of the available publishing standards or create your own. Multi-language supports provides additional features that will allow you to customize quickly specific parts of a script such as a title, transitions, locations, and characters. The app does not translate the content automatically but gives you the right tools to write in your language. Furthermore, TwelvePoint reduces the effort in porting a script into another writing system or adapting it to a specific one.

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