Which App
Is Best
For Script-Writing?

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Which App Is Best for Script-Writing?

TwelvePoint adjusts according to the light environment, so that your focus is always on the story.

You have an idea for a movie script, a play or a novel, and you want to start writing, where do you start? Maybe the very first step is to choose a tool for writing. A tool able to fix your thoughts on paper and able to guide you till the very end of the writing process, the publishing. A word processor could fit the purpose for the first few pages, but what if you want to keep track of additional things such as subplots, character development or any additional information that could be used to thicken the story? You will end up using many files from different software, and it will be very difficult to maintain such a collection.

Today, there are many solutions on the markets, our proposal is a content management and story designer integrated with a publishing engine supporting both the custom and the most used standards. Truth to be told, It is not the tool the makes the writer but imagine one place where you can both draft your ideas, structure your story, and publish. What a time saver!

Writers have different approach to writing, but the successful ones have at least a couple of things in common:

  • Collect information on locations, character types, historical facts.
  • Take care of the rhythm of the script. How the events concatenate with each other.

Which type of writer are you?

  • Plotter: you will start designing the story having already in mind the beginning and the end building each block one after another.
  • Pantser: you have the initial idea, but you like to be surprised by the direction the story goes.

The Plotter

When you are a Plotter, you will appreciate the story structure in TwelvePoint.

TwelvePoint's user interface provides different visualizations for the same scenario. In this example, we decide to present only the story structure, that allow us to better understand the sequence of events.

The Pantser

If you are a Pantser, you can jump directly to the editor and create actions and dialogues.

For those who do not want any distraction, the fullscreen mode, provide a total focus environment, only you and your story. Maybe you are something in between, it does not matter, TwelvePoint will adapt to your style, and you decide the level of detail to be presented on the screen. If you like word processors, you can transform the user interface into a plain text editor.

Freetext editing - Writing content & Story outlining

Example of free-text editing of a screenplay with TwelvePoint

The free-text editor is, in reality, much more of a simple word processor. You can create versions of your scene and archive them for later use, you can design directly the structure of your scenario or import existing documents and merge them to the active scenario.

The free-text editing allows also to create an outline of the story directly.

In the example above, once parsed, the script will create a new scene with four events (text paragraphs).

Write a screenplay just in any language!

Example of a screenplay written in Chinese using TwelvePoint

Another reason for choosing TwelvePoint is that it supports all the writing systems supported on your device. English, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Tamil..., use just any language, and you will still publish your screenplay or novel according to the proper formatting. The picture above presents a scenario written in Chinese.

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