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Introducing TwelvePoint
Screenwriting, outlining and content management

An overview of TwelvePoint the app to write and publish screenplays, stage plays and novels.

A professional screenwriting app for macOS and iOS

TwelvePoint is the quickest way to write a screenplay on a Mac, iPad and iPhone. For beginners, TwelvePoint offers the perfect combination of simplicity, automation and brings you up-to-speed in no time, even if you are not an expert writer. For professional, TwelvePoint brings a minimalist interface, reducing to the minimum the distractions, combined with powerful features to speed up the writing and review process.

We carefully designed TwelvePoint to be a modern and versatile screenwriting app, able to assist you at any stage of your creative process, to bring your story to live as quick as possible. TwelvePoint is also an editor but is not a word processor. The interface has been structured to be has minimal as possible, we removed all the extra or the items you don’t need or want. You can decide whether you want to build your screenplay with a point-and-click environment, taking advantages of the automation or just write your lines directly. Either way, TwelvePoint will provide you with a 360º view on your scenario and the publishing is just one click away.

What makes TwelvePoint an effective screenwriting app?

These are some of the major criteria we considered fundamental while designing TwelvePoint:

  • Working Environment: TwelvePoint needs to provide a relaxing environment. It should be an inviting space to let the writer focus on story.
  • Customizable details: the writer should decide what information to review while creating a story, and it should not be bothered by functionalities and customizations that are not intended to support the writing of a scenario.
  • Creative process options: TwelvePoint shall not force the writer in adapting his/hers creative flow. The writer decides where to start whether is the synopsis or type directly the first Act-Scene section.
  • Sharing & Data protection: the content needs to be shared easily between writers and independently of 3rd parties software. No storing on 3rd parties servers.
  • Reliability & Integrity: the content can be exported and imported from certified devices. The full interoperability between iOS and macOS versions is required.
  • Mobility: TwelvePoint shall be the writer’s companion app. At any given time or place, the writer shall be able to write down thoughts, scene paragraphs, review or send the published version of the scenario.
  • Progressive updating: TwelvePoint will integrate periodically functionalities requested by users or derived from best practice business-as-usual. New functionalities shall not clutter the interface and be up-to-date with the latest OS.
  • Registration, Privacy and Support: TwelvePoint shall not require the writer’s registration or provide any personal details to access all functionalities. Customers can contact directly the Customer Care Center for support.
  • Price: One-time-only purchase. No additional hidden costs, no monthly/yearly fees. All updates will be free of charge.

What TwelvePoint is NOT

TwelvePoint is not an editor to write fancy documents, stylized paragraphs or to insert animations or images; in few words: TwelvePoint is not a word processor. Word processors offer a large amount of functionalities that goes far beyond the screenwriting need, so while you can still (obviously), do the basic editing on text, all the other “enrichment” have been left out on purpose. In word processors you need to take care of the page layout (margins, line spacing) and particularly the font. TwelvePoint formats all the content according to the publishing typology selected (movie, teleplay, theater, novel) and adapts the page layout and the formatting to the target standard (e.g., American, Italian, French, or yours). TwelvePoint can import or interpret freetext content in a screenplay-like style, so you can import / export all the time, your scenario in the format you need.

Power at an affordable cost

With TwelvePoint we wanted an application that could be used by anybody with an iPhone or a Mac and high focus has been dedicated to find a balance cost. TwelvePoint is available on the App Store for macOS and iOS at price between $25 USD (iOS version) and $50 USD (macOS version) and that’s it. No recurring costs. All the requested new functionalities form the community will be integrated and available to all user at zero-cost.

A simple interface

TwelvePoint takes your plain text script and publish it according to the format you want.

For each project in TwelvePoint, the information is presented in panels. No windows that need to be rearranged or go on another screen. You decide which panel you need and the app remembers the configuration.

Keys combinations are important

When you write, you can use keys combinations to jump from one paragraph to another or to create a new dialogue or action. You can use the pointer, of course, but if you need to stay focus on the lines you are writing, the keyboard is your best friend.

Not just clouds...

You can save and import copy of your projects using the iCloud folders, but also you can just archive them in your mailbox. TwelvePoint implements encryption, this means that you can store copies of your project or scenario directly on your e-mail, so you do not need to pay additional costs for remote storage. Backups are important and there are several ways to archive/save copies of your work.

Set your goals

A screenplay always start from a little idea, a few lines concept that later develops into acts and scenes. TwelvePoint offers a dashboard space in which you can set your goals in a checklist. The status is always visible, and it gives you the 360 degrees view on the status of your scenario.

No need to learn new formatting languages

Plain text can be easily imported in a screenplay project.

Why a writer shall learn a new formatting language? TwelvePoint does not require any additional skill then being able to type. The writer types the content, the app does page layout, text formatting, correct spacing, parsing and much more. If you have a plain text screenplay-like similar to the one below:


Georgi enters the room. It is dark.

He is here!

Is anybody here?

You can import in no-time. If typing is your thing, you can type the whole act of scene just in freetext in a format like the one above; TwelvePoint will interpret the lines and integrate the new content in the project, seamless. This also means that, at any given time you can export your scenario as RTF (for example) send it out for editing to those who do not use TwelvePoint and import back the revised version as a new version, seamless.

Everything has its place

Panels and sections help you filtering just the right amount of information to work on your script.

TwelvePoint presents information the way you ask. You need to add annotations to an action or a dialogue? No problem there is a section for that. You can also associate pictures with your content, copy / paste from internet, your hard drive, anywhere. The reader mode gives you a distraction free space where your quickly review the dialogues or the scenes setup and add some remarks. As usual, in TwelvePoint you can decide whether to highlight the reader notes or just discard them. TwelvePoint presents always the information in an easy-to-browse way. It does not matter how many personages you have in your scenario or locations. TwelvePoint gives you quick summaries to find out where a protagonist is talking or just mentioned.

Export anything at anytime

TwelvePoint supports a variety of export formats, such as text, HTML, RTF, PDF and 12pt (TwelvePoint Project editable format). All the exports can be password protected. This means that only those devices with TwelvePoint installed and the password can read / edit the content. In addition, everything that is text can be exported. Summary notes, synopsis, treatments can be easily shared. Same for review notes and comments.

A Lightweight Scenario

Resources like images are important in a project, they enrich the environment, provide guidelines and inspiration, but you might end up growing the total size of your project. TwelvePoint provides the possibility to select what to share or to export when sending a project through e-mail or archiving it on hard-disk. The size of a project can be extremely compacted, and it is perfect for backing up versions of your scenario.

Mobility is the key

It does not matter where your are. You can start or continue writing your screenplay.

Since a TwelvePoint scenario can be imported seamless from a Mac to an iPad or an iPhone and vice versa, no need to save your thoughts on paper or on a word editor. Projects can be shared via iCloud folders, Air Drop or by e-mail, all in total security.

Typing like in a chat

So now that you are free from any margin constrains, just type actions, dialogues freely. Whether you are using the Mac version or the iPhone version, writing is easy. On an iPhone or iPad you can use a modern interface to quickly edit / arrange / duplicate paragraph. It does not matter if you write with one finger at time or not, when you tap on “publishing” the scenario will always look perfect and balanced. Isn’t that incredible that you could write your next script just while commuting on a train?


The storyboarding is another way to design your story with pictures, tags and notes.

TwelvePoint brings storyboarding to the next level. Forget stickers, notes arranged in an unorganized way, writing the same information in too many places... With TwelvePoint you can create your high-level view of your story with images or just with few lines of text, you choose what to see and when.

Finished your story? Let’s publish it!

Your scenario is auttamtically generated accordiing to the format selected.

The way you are going to present your scenario is totally independent of the content. This means that your dialogues and actions will be organized on pages, cut if necessary, all following the screenwriting rule that you select. By default, you can select among: American, French, Italian, Korean publishing styles. Of course, you can modify the existing settings create and share your custom publishing rules with other users.

What if I need to translate the scenario in another language?

TwelvePoint supports all the languages available on your device and provides functionalities to migrate a script from one language to another.

TwelvePoint provides powerful tools to speed up the adaptation process of a scenario into another style or language. All the scene headings, transitions and other screenplay related keywords or elements can be configured to represent a new language. This means that just by selecting a new set of publishing rules, your scenario is already conforming to the new language style. TwelvePoint does not translate automatically the content, but using the multi-language features you will be able to reduce dramatically formatting mistakes, wrong pagination and other usually difficult to catch errors.

Start writing with TwelvePoint

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Our community

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We constantly update TwelvePoint to provide you with state-of-the-art screenwriting software. The feedback from our community is considered when developing new functionalities or removing those that are not needed anymore.

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