Design and write your screenplays from draft to final

TwelvePoint is the new software for screenwriting to design, write and publish screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, comic scripts and, books in no-time!

TwelvePoint drastically simplifies the process of screenwriting to create scripts based on the most popular industry standards. You can focus on the content while the app manages the publishing, the resources and the drafts. It is available for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

The mobile version of TwelvePoint (supporting iOS 12.0 or higher) is designed for professionals and beginners to take full advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices and is 100% compatible with the macOS version. Write down ideas for your story anywhere you are.

The desktop version of TwelvePoint (supporting macOS 10.15 or higher) brings the process of screenwriting to the next level. Multi-screens editing, story segmentation, filtering, and more. Writing has never been that easy!

Download on the Mac App Store
(Mac Intel, Apple Silicon)
Download on the App Store
(iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro)

Designing the story

Designing the story

View your script at 360 degrees using the structure

You can manage and navigate your scenario like you do with files and folders using the outline view.

E.g., Drag & Drop acts, scenes or paragraphs.


More than just index cards.
Use tagging to create sub-plots, associate props to scenes.
Your imagination is the limit!


Associate images or drawings to each element of a scenario to provide inspiration, to suggest guidelines or publish.

Writing the script

Writing the script


Create your story with specific designed tools for character and story development.
Publish your story based on the industry standard formats for movies, teleplays, stage plays, books and comics.

Page Layouts

You can build your movie script or you novel like in a chat. When writing a dialogue, just select a character and write the content. No margins, no additional tabs needed.

No more need for sheets of paper! All your drafts can be stored on your device or on the iCloud.

By default, all the scenario are created as PDF and RTF files. Additional most common formats are available as well (e.g., EPUB, txt, html, fdx).

Freetext writing

Sometimes, you might need to merge your current TwelvePoint scenario with previously written content, from an external text source.

Using the freetext mode you can either import existing texts (txt, RTF, HTML, docx) or type directly your scenario like in a word processor.

Review & Convert

Review & Convert


After the final draft, you can switch to the production version, activating the review mode. Each change will be tracked according to the standard Hollywood color code (blue, pink, yellow, yellow, etc.). Revised scenarios can be shared like any other project.

Easy & Powerful

Separates the content from the formatting. Change the order of the scenes, remove paragraphs, add new ones, assign tag to scene, events, paragraphs... the final layout is always perfect, no matter what, just with one click!

Convert scripts

Any scenario in a TwelvePoint project can be duplicated into another type, without modifying the content.

E.g., you can convert a screenplay into a stage play in no time.

Budgetary costs & elements tracking

Budgetary costs & elements tracking


Generate and export in text format, statistical reports of your scenario.
Reports present a scenario using predefined indicators.
E.g., how many times and when a specific location is used.

Track costs

Use tagging to calculate statistics about expenses.

Track elements

Use relationships to associates props to scenes or locations.

Languages support

Languages support

Write in your own language

Screenplays and all the other available type of scripts can be written in all languages supported by the device.

Integrated with your device

The user interface, the tutorials and the help are available in: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


Multilingual support ensures that each scenario can be customized to automatically translate scenario elements such as "camera positions", "transitions", resource names and other style-specific elements.

Always secure anywhere you are

Always secure anywhere you are

Data Protection

Everything you create can be shared encrypted.
The project will be protected with a password, and you will be able to send confidential information from unsecured locations (e.g., public internet).

Download & Upload with iCloud

Every project can be stored locally or on the iCloud and shared among devices.

Via e-mail

Share securely with encryption a published version of a scenario or a TwelvePoint project using standard e-mail, anywhere.

Tailored on you

Tailored on you

The User Interface

TwelvePoint remembers your configuration.
Set up your workspace once and start writing. Use the "Dark Night" theme color, when you work at night to have the maximum of the contrast with the minimum impact on the eyes. Change the font type for the user interface, pinch-zoom on a panel to modify the font size.

Choose your script!

TwelvePoint supports five types of scripts.
Screenplays, teleplays, stage-plays, books and comics.
(All types of scripts can be converted to other formats, without requiring content modification)

Best Practice in action

The industry standard at your fingertips.
Write your script in your own way, TwelvePoint will adapt to your style.


Mobile version



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  • Supports iOS 12.0+
  • Lifetime license
  • Free periodic updates
  • No registration required
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Desktop version

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Per user (*)

  • Supports macOS 10.15+
  • Lifetime license
  • Free periodic updates
  • No registration required
  • No additional purchases
(*) Apple App Store is the reference price
(it may vary according to the country)