Scripts adaptation
TwelvePoint supports movie scripts, teleplays, stage-plays and novels.

When you need to convert a script into another type, for example a movie script into a teleplay format, TwelvePoint provides several functionalities to make the rewriting as smooth as possible.

A project can contain up to four different types of script: movie script, teleplay, stage play and novel. Each scenario can be cloned into another using the clone function. The new scenarios will be accessible through the project dashboard. All the information of the original script will be copied and adapted to the new structure (summary texts, assets, notes, etc.).

Converting a script using multiple windows or split screen functionalities
Each TwelvePoint project can be opened in parallel on more than one window at the same time, each window, for example, representing a specific section of your script or in this case a different type of script.
A side-by-side view can help you align different scripts quicker.

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We constantly update TwelvePoint to provide you with state-of-the-art screenwriting software. The feedback from our community is considered when developing new functionalities or removing those that are not needed anymore.

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