TwelvePoint licenses costs
TwelvePoint license can be purchased on the Apple App Store.

TwelvePoint license is one-time payment for lifetime access to all the features and future upgrades.
The macOS license can be installed on any Mac associated with the same Apple user ID.
The iOS license can be installed on any device associated with the same user ID.
We aimed to keep the cost extremely low, so that anyone who wants to write a story, can afford it, so both iOS and macOS license costs around ~$27 USD each (this might slightly vary according to countries, currencies, etc.).
To be able to use TwelvePoint on both iOS and macOS, you will need to purchase both the iOS and the macOS licenses.

Start writing with TwelvePoint

Download on the Mac App Store
(Mac Intel, Apple Silicon)
Download on the App Store
(iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro)

Our community

Remember that you can always reach us via e-mail or on social networks: Instagram, 𝕏, Patreon.
We constantly update TwelvePoint to provide you with state-of-the-art screenwriting software. The feedback from our community is considered when developing new functionalities or removing those that are not needed anymore.

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