What is TwelvePoint?
TwelvePoint is a script editor for screenplays, stage-plays and novels.

TwelvePoint gives you a 360 degrees view over your story and does not require any formatting. Focus on the content, the app will automatically format and save your story according to the type of script selected. Manage in the same place the scenario's structure, the content, the resources (characters, locations, timelines), the index cards, etc. It is available on the Apple App Stores.

Easy to use
We designed TwelvePoint to reduce to the minimum the user interface to let you focus on the story more than where to click.

You can view the structure of your story while writing, this will provide you with guidance and prevent mistakes about the logic flow of the events.

One project for everything
Whether you need to write the treatment, note down tasks to be completed, a summary text or the actual content of your story, you will find that TwelvePoint keeps everything organized and easy to access. Just decide the level of details you need and continue with your story.

A minimalist interface for screenwriting ready to be customized
The idea is that an editor needs to adapt to the user requirements and to the environment, always to assign high priority to the focus on the story. The user interface supports dark mode together many additional themes, plus you can decide which functionalities are available both at global and project level.

But what if I like to just type text?
TwelvePoint interface is designed to speed up the process of building up a scenario and to reduce to the minimum mistakes like typos or duplications. Nevertheless, sometimes you might want to input some content directly as freetext because:

  • You have a previously written scenes or paragraphs, that you want to copy / paste in to another TwelvePoint project.
  • You want to write dialogues and scenes and create new personages and locations at once.
  • You like to type your story... :-)
  • [...]

TwelvePoint has embedded a powerful scriptwriting parser that provides you with additional tools to speed up the creation process, always having in mind a mistakes-free environment.

We are just one e-mail away from you!
When you have a question about TwelvePoint or scriptwriting, just drop us an e-mail at: ask@morepaths.com .

Our customer care center will be more than happy to support you and guide you through the first steps with TwelvePoint.

Start writing with TwelvePoint

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Our community

Remember that you can always reach us via e-mail or on social networks: Instagram, 𝕏, Patreon.
We constantly update TwelvePoint to provide you with state-of-the-art screenwriting software. The feedback from our community is considered when developing new functionalities or removing those that are not needed anymore.

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