2019-10-01:    New release of TwelvePoint for macOS (1.8) coming soon ! New user interface, new functionalities, better performance. Please keep sending your requests for new functionalities, if possible, they will be included with this update, otherwise they will be considered for future releases.

2019-07-17:    New release of TwelvePoint for iOS (1.8)! New user interface, new functionalities, better performance.

2018-11-24:    Discounted 55% OFF: TwelvePoint 1.7.4 (both iOS & macOS) is available on the App Store at a discounted price until the new release. We are building up the roadmap for the new update, this is the right time to send to us comments, request for changes or new features! Write to: ask@morepaths.com. We look forward for your feedbacks!

2018-10-19:     New Release is ready: Release 1.7 is available on the App Store. This update regards both iOS and macOS versions. Version 1.7 will include support for Korean writing styles, additional functionalities and stability improvements.

2018-06-07:    New Release - coming soon: We are happy to announce an upcoming update for both macOS and iOS. The new version will include your suggestions, performance improvements and additional functionalities.
Please remember to send new proposals (if any), to: ask@morepaths.com before the end of the month; if it is feasible, they will be included.

2018-04-05:    Thank you all for the several positive feedbacks!

2018-04-04:    TwelvePoint is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac (coming very soon).


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