Screenwriting anywhere is possible!

Screenplay, Novel, Stage play

Best practice at your service

TwelvePoint has been designed based on the most common and popular methodologies for writing screenplays and novels.

Do you have an idea for a story or you want to convert your script into a movie or a novel?

Start writing with TwelvePoint. The content you insert will be automatically formatted for publishing.

Discover with TwelvePoint how easy it is to prepare a script for your editors!

TwelvePoint for iPad - Best practice at your service

Forget the old way of formatting

TwelvePoints comes already with the USA standards for screenplays (page layouts, margins, formatting rules,...). All settings can be modified or new formatting set can be created and associated directly to new projects.

Focus just on the content, add paragraphs, characters, locations, the app will generate a RTF and a PDF version of your scenario.

TwelvePoint for iPad - pre-built formatting

Create your own story

TwelvePoint enables you to create the script you need.
Maybe you have an idea for a screenplay for a movie, a TV Series, a stage play or a novel...Select the type of scipt and start writing right now.

If you have an existing text file (RTF or plain text) you can import it and take advantage of the powerful functionalities of the app (character management, multiple storylines management, ...).

Each script in a project can be changed into the another types.

You have a movie script and you want to write a novel using the same characters, locations and content. TwelvePoint will create a duplicate of your movie script into novel format (margins, page layouts, ...).

TwelvePoint for iPad - Create Your Own Story

A 360° editor - from draft to final

TwelvePoint supports you during all the phases of your script development.

Create a first story outline, add paragraph content, define the main and the side stories, read a preview, add notes...

Share or archive it via e-mail as pdf or rtf (encryption with password is available).

Once your draft is finished, you can start the revision with your colleagues.

Use the reports to verify when characters appear or talk and to hestimate the production costs (e.g. number of external locations)

TwelvePoint for iPad - from draft to final

Write your story

TwelvePoint is an universal app, so you can write your story on a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone and an iPod Touch.

Projects can be exported/imported from any device without losing information.

TwelvePoint for mac - write anywhere

I love typing!
The free text mode

If you prefer to write directly your paragraphs or if you need to paste text from already written sources, TwelvePoint provide a free-text mode.

The editor has already some pre-built formats so that you can easily organise content on the page (e.g. dialogs, dual dialogs).

What you write will be appended to the selected scene or you can create a whole new project.

Each time you write a dialog the app will generate a character (if not existing already); same behavior for locations and timelines added in the scene headings.

TwelvePoint - iOS Free Text Editing TwelvePoint for mac - macOS Free Text Editing

Writing at night
with the color schemes

You can choose your favorite theme based on the time of day.

At night go for the "Dark Night" mode, perfect for low light environment and to relax the eyes.

Switch between themes with a gesture.

TwelvePoint for mac - Night mode

Enrich with pictures

The content-aware preview presents the picture of your character or the location of the scene.

TwelvePoint for mac - Content-Aware Preview

Managing everything in one view

Customise characters, locations and timelines using the Asset Summary.

An eagle-eye view on your project's assets.
Add more attributes to fit your story requirements.

TwelvePoint for mac - The assets summary

Using tags to monitor the scenario

Each element of a scenario (act, scene, characters, locations, etc.) can be associated with tags called "Relationships".

A relationship could be used to divide your scenario between the main story and the sub-plots.

Relationships could be also used to calculate costs, delays, anything.
When you assign tags with numbers to a scenario item, the report will aggregate the values and provide a summary.

TwelvePoint for mac - Relationships tags