Chinese scriptwriting

TwelvePoint is a scriptwriting editor that support Chinese as input text for movie script, teleplays, stage-plays and novels.

If you are searching for a software for screenwriting to create a screenplay or a novel in Chinese, consider TwelvePoint among your options.

Write in your own language

TwelvePoint supports input text in all the languages available on iOS and macOS devices and the user interface adapts to the host operating system layout.

The Hollywood Standard or more...

Chinese screenplays can be based on the American screenwriting Hollywood Standard or can be customized to meet specific studios requirements. Each scenario can be configured to meet the target publishing layout (page margins, scene heading, dialogue orientation, etc.).

Not just movie scripts...

We designed TwelvePoint to be flexible enough to adapt to all the different type of scripts. You can use TwelvePoint to design and publish scenarios for any video production, including stage-plays and novels.
The Chinese text is formatted according to the LTR (Left-to-Right) rules and if you are working on an operating system using the LTR layout, also the TwelvePoint's user interface will adapt.

TwelvePoint supports input writing in all the languages but the user interface (menus, tutorials, etc.) is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

An example of a screenplay in Chinese

This is only one of the possible renderings of a simple movie script. The page layout still respects the American Industry Standard, the scene headings are highlighted in bold. Depending on the studio requirements you can tune the layout to your needs.

An example of a screenplay in English

Screenplays by default are formatted according to the American standard but each scenario can be reconfigured to adapt another layout. The swap does not require any change in the content. In the example below the same screenplay will be exported according to the American, French and Italian standards, just by selecting the right publishing rule.

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